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Fat, Muscle, Mobility: The Doctors Guide to Managing Your Body

Doctors cannot stress enough how important it is to consistently look after your body from a young age. If you don’t look after your body whilst you’re young then it is likely that your body will not age very well and you will be more prone to various illnesses when you’re older. It’s hard to realize the importance of looking after your body whilst you’re young as you recover so quickly from anything that happens and your body can handle most things if you want this to be the case when you’re older too then you really do have to start taking care of yourself years in advance. There are many things that you can do to look after yourself that don’t require any big life changes so there’s no reason not to listen to doctor’s advice and make small changes as you will benefit from it greatly, not just when you’re older, but you’ll start to feel much healthier now too. Some of the most important factors of your health that you should understand are fat, muscle, and mobility as this will allow you to know what to do to take better care of yourself. 


Fat is a really important part of the human body and it is one of the categories of macronutrients that your body requires to stay healthy, the other 2 are protein and carbohydrates. Fat is the main source of energy for humans so it is vital that you’re getting enough fat, we get fat from the foods that we eat. Some examples of foods that are high in fat is nuts/anything made from nuts like peanut butter, seeds and oil. Fat has many functions within the body and we would not survive without it, it provides the body with many fatty acids that it requires to function properly but cannot create itself and it helps the body to absorb a variety of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. There are 2 main different types of fat: saturated and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is known as bad fat as too much of it can cause health problems, it is known to raise cholesterol which increases the risk of many things including the chance of having a heart attack or a stroke. Trans fat is another bad fat that you should try to avoid in your diet. Whilst fat is an important part of a balanced diet, if you consume too much fat this can be damaging to your health as it causes high blood pressure and various other things. To manage your body properly you need to eat enough fat so that you have energy without overheating. 


If you do consume too much fat in your diet then it’s important to lose the excess fat to stay healthy, a great way to do this is by putting the work in to turn the fat into muscle. Muscle is another thing that is very important in the human body, if we didn’t have muscles then we would not be able to survive. The best way to turn any additional fat you may have that is causing your health issues into muscle is by exercise and diet. You can lose fat by just doing cardio but if you want to manage your body the best you can, instead of cardio you should try strength training as this burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. Strength training is the best way to increase how strong our muscles are and it is a type of aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is when you repeat a specific activity that activates muscle movement as this helps our muscles to use oxygen more efficiently by increasing the number of red blood cells in your body. As there are more red blood cells, this means that oxygen can be carried to all of your organs and tissues much more quickly. Some of the best exercises to do to help build your muscles include bicep curls, shoulder press, squats, and lunges. 

In addition, to exercise helping to turn muscle into fat, diet is another important factor in how to grow your muscles. When you take part in strength training if you’re lifting enough this causes small tears in your muscle, when these tears repair is when your muscles start to grow. This means that you need to eat the right foods to help your muscles repair, the most important thing you need for this is protein. Protein helps the body build up or replace tissue so the more you consume the more effectively your muscles can heal. Protein is found in many foods including meat and eggs. Many vegetarians find it difficult to consume enough protein each day and turn to protein supplements but if you read these lean bean reviews you’ll see protein supplements aren’t necessary as beans, in particular lean beans, are filled with protein. 



Mobility is what allows you to move in the ways you do from walking down the road to doing 1 handed cartwheel, mobility allows you to perform all the actions that you do. Mobility is another thing that is really important to the body as the greater your mobility the less likely you are to get injured during your life. As we grow and our muscles develop, this affects our mobility as you will perform some actions more than others which causes uneven growth of muscles. This can be extremely painful and can lead to injuries including damage to your joints and ligaments. Luckily, you can fix most unbalances through exercise. If you’re trying to improve your mobility when you exercise you need to make sure that your form is correct, if it’s wrong this can cause more problems. You should also make sure that you’re focusing on your whole body when you exercise and if you do any exercises on one side of your body, make sure you do the exact same on the other side to prevent more issues. 

4 Health Issues that Could be Caused by your Home

There are so many things out there that can cause health issues but one of the most surprising things that could be the cause of your sneezing or other symptoms is your house. Your house contains many things that could negatively affect your health like a buildup of toxins, some dangerous gases, and pesticides among a variety of other things that could potentially be harmful to you. If you have any of these in your house then the longer you’re in your house in that environment, the more exposure you have to them and the more likely you are to develop any health problems associated with them. If you’re not sure what issues can be caused by your house then you won’t be able to keep an eye out for any problems so we’ve found the 4 most common health issues that could be caused by your home. 


One common housing issue that can lead to some serious health issues is when a house has roof issues and there is a leak. If a leak is roofing then it can create toxic mold and this produces mycotoxins which can cause asthma. If you’re having this problem then you should consider getting a roofing contractor CT as they’re well known for being experts in the field and this is an issue that you should try and find early to avoid any potential harm. They will also be able to let you know if you need an entirely new roof, most roofs need to be changed every 25 to 30 years. As well as being linked to causing asthma in adults who were previously healthy, this can also cause severe lung issues in the vulnerable groups, for example, children and the elderly. 

Lung Cancer

There are several things in your house that can cause lung cancer so it’s important you’re keeping an eye out for or avoiding all of these things. The most common thing in your house that could potentially lead to lung cancer is if you smoke in your home. Tobacco contains many harmful chemicals and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, even if you don’t smoke but you’re exposed to other people’s smoke in your home then you are also at risk. Radon is the other main thing that can cause lung cancer in your home, it is odorless so it is important to make sure you frequently conduct radon tests.  

Lead Poisoning

Back in the 1970s and earlier many of the homes that were being built had lead paint used on them, at the time it was unknown that this would cause health issues in the future but as time has passed it has been realized that it is dangerous. Lead poisoning from your home mainly affects children and even now there are still at least 900,000 children who suffer from lead poisoning every year. If you’re concerned that your child may be suffering from lead poisoning then you should have a blood test to check if their lead levels are normal. 


Another thing that houses were built within and before the 1970s is asbestos. Just like the lead paint, it was unknown at the time how harmful this would turn out to be so it was used as insulation. If you’ve only come into a bit of contact with asbestos then you’ll likely be fine but if you have had a lot of exposure to it increases your risk of developing cancer. If you have asbestos in your house you need to get it removed. 

Health Myths: Is Vaping Harmful to Your Lungs?

For smokers all over the world, the struggle to be successful on your journey to finally quit smoking can be very hard, there are many methods to help ease you off normal cigarettes and get you on your way to give up nicotine. Vaping is just one of many nicotine products that are considered to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes but there has been much discussion around whether or not vaping is actually safe for regular use and the damage that could still be caused to your lungs and your body.  

Risks of Vaping

One of the biggest health concerns that come with vaping is that there are still a number of harmful chemicals that really shouldn’t be inhaled within everyday e liquids. There is also the fact that you are still using nicotine products that are highly addictive, although it is true that you can buy e liquids with a different nicotine percentage to help you with quitting smoking and gradually reducing the amount of nicotine you are using, it should still be noted that vaping is still a very addictive thing to do.  

As vaping has grown to be much more popular than it once was it has been seen very often that retailers will source low-quality and cheap e liquids to increase their profit margins. With the rate of vape users skyrocketing at such a substantial rate more people will be fooled into thinking that they will be buying a quality product when this really isn’t the case. If you are going to be vaping and are trying to use vaping as a means to eventually give up smoking altogether, then I would highly recommend that you only buy your liquids from a credible source so that you can be sure you are not buying anything that is going to damage you even further.  

Benefits of Vaping

There is a health risk with using any form of nicotine product but it is my personal opinion that vaping is much better for you than traditional cigarettes as although there are a number of chemicals in the majority of e liquids it is nothing in comparison to what can be found in a cigarette. Using vaping as a means to eventually quit smoking altogether is in my opinion the only reason a person should be vaping, if you are not suffering from a  nicotine addiction then I see no reason why you would want to pick on up by starting to use an e-cigarette.   

Another huge benefit of vaping is that you can customize what you are vaping to meet your requirements and the strength of your cravings. If you are someone who used to be a heavy smoker you are able to tailor your e-liquid accordingly, as well as being able to add a flavoring to suit your preference if you struggle to find ones that you like in stores. Overall, if you are looking for a way to help you quit smoking and start leading a healthier lifestyle then vaping may be for you, it is much safer and the customizability of the products that are currently on the market are a huge selling point, Mr. Salt is a great e-liquid retailer that is known for its high quality and safe eliquids, you can find mr salt e-liquid here.

As vaping is considered to be healthier than normal smoking it would have to be one of the most effective products within this sector that are currently available for purchase, many ex-smokers have admitted that it was only possible because they started vaping and were able to gradually reduce their nicotine levels in a safe way.  

How Houseplants can Improve your Health

Throughout our lives, we are told about the importance of spending time in nature and the many benefits that it can have for our health. Recently, we have been quite limited in the time that we can spend outside and so many of us have been kept away from the natural environments that we have become accustomed to.

Some of us also live in cities, which means that we aren’t as exposed to natural environments as we would like to be, instead, we are more exposed to concrete and brick.  As a solution to this, many people have decided to bring nature indoors in the form of house plants. If you have ever met someone who enjoys collecting house plants, then you have probably heard them tell you the benefits of having them within your home. For the most part, it is easy to just believe that this is just a placebo effect. However, owning house plants has actually received scientific backing for the ways in which they can help improve your health, but how do they improve your health?

Air quality

The most obvious way in which house plants help to improve your health is by improving the air quality in your home. Like any plant, house plants take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen which is very important for your vital organs. This makes the air much fresher, which makes your general environment much more comfortable. It also removes any toxins in the air, which could be affecting your health. This is especially the case if you live in a busy city, as opening your window can expose your home to a long list of nasty fumes and toxins.


Studies have shown that having house plants in your home can boost productivity by up to 15 percent. This is because being surrounded by plants can boost your general mood and if you are in a good mood then you will be more likely to get stuff done. Humans have the habit of personifying items and developing emotional attachments to items and these feelings extend to plants. So if humans are surrounded by things that they love, they are bound to feel amplified feelings of happiness. Humans are also far less inclined to want to do work if they are feeling negative emotions and so plants help to counter this.


Now, it is important to know what not all plants can actually help encourage a good night’s sleep. At night time, when plants are no longer exposed to sunlight, the process of photosynthesis reverses and they start to release carbon dioxide out into the air. This can actually create difficulties with sleeping and so it is recommended that you don’t keep the majority of your plants in your bedroom. However, there are some plants that do not fall victim to the reversal of photosynthesis such as succulents. These plants continue to release oxygen throughout the night, which means that they help you breathe clearly and sleep undisturbed. If you want to learn more about plants that can potentially help with your sleep, check out sos-zimmerpflanzen for more information.

Mental health

Plants are extremely beneficial for your mental health. One reason that they are so beneficial for your health is because of the way in which they decorate your room. You may not know this, but spending a lot of time in a blank or cluttered room can really mess with the way in which your brain works. It can also make you feel much more stressed, so having plants can help combat this.

How to Overcome the Challenges Associated with Vision Loss

Eye Drops

No matter what the extent of your vision loss is it is vital that you keep your eyes moisturized using specialized eye drops that can be bought from the pharmacy or sourced on prescription through your doctor. Keeping your eyes moisturized helps counteract any irritation you may experience during your vision loss to help prevent any worsening of your condition. Using eye drops is a great way to maximize your eye health as well as making the frustration of being without your vision a little bit more bearable.

Specialist Glasses

If you are registered blind you will be eligible for a pack to help you adjust to your new life, it can be very hard at first but getting out of the house is only going to benefit your health. On sunny days you may find that the light causes distracting color shifts which can discourage a person who is without their vision from getting outdoors, specialist eyewear has been developed to help ease this side effect so that people without their vision don’t have to put up with the irritation of the sunlight.

Adapting to Loss of Vision

Coming to terms with being without your vision can be very difficult, and the only thing I can say is that it is something you will have to adapt to even though your situation is very challenging. In order to adapt and better understand how you can live without your vision, it may be a good idea to do some online research into what help is available and potential treatments that could be used to make your life easier, a great example would have to be this recent article on new methods for vision loss treatments, this article discusses if microcannulas can prevent blindness and looks at other methods of prevention.

Seeking Professional Help

If you feel that it is all too much then I would highly recommend that you seek the help and advice of a professional, depending on whether you are suffering from medical or emotional turmoil I would say that visiting your GP or a blindness therapist would be the best course of action. Seeing a professional can really help clear up any questions you may have or something that is causing you distress can be addressed and a solution may be found because you were prepared to talk about your issues with someone who has an idea of what you are going through.


This final point is something that is easier said than done, and when it comes to overcoming the challenges that come with losing your vision it would have to be the most important solution. Being patient with yourself and giving yourself the time to get used to being without your vision could be the answer, this is a big change for anyone so it is not something that is going to happen overnight, and getting used to using things like a cane and braille instead of being able to see is going to be hard but worth it as you get used to living your life this way.

Why Crosswords and Sudoku are Fantastic for Your Mental Health

Both of these games are popular games, whether you play them on a mobile app or on your laptop or they’re featured in most newspapers if you want to play the old school with a pen on paper, they’re also commonly sold as books in places like airports as they’ll help keep you occupied on long flights. Although they’re popular games not everyone will be aware of them. Sudoku is a mathematics-based puzzle game, it’s set out as a large square with 9 3×3 squares within it.

The rules of the game are that the numbers 1-9 must appear in every square, along every row, and down every column and there can’t be 2 of the same number in any square, row, or column. Crosswords are a general knowledge-based puzzle, there will be a shape with numbers on it, these numbers indicate where the word starts and they match up with a numbered clue. If you figure out the answer to the clue then you can write it on the crossword, to finish is you must solve all the clues/answer all the questions. If your general knowledge isn’t amazing then you can do crosswords that are themed rather than general and you’ll likely be able to find them online on any topic that you want.

If you’re a sudoku fan and you’re bored of it then there are many extreme sudoku style games online too which require a lot more level strategy to figure out the correct position for all the numbers. Whichever games you decide to play it doesn’t matter as both of these games are absolutely fantastic for your mental health so we can’t recommend playing them enough.

The Science

Studies have shown that puzzle games such as sudoku and crosswords are fantastic for your mental health. The study that was conducted to come to this conclusion was a study that included 19,100 participants, they measured how often they played these word and number puzzles and how this affected their memory, attention, and their basic reasoning. The results showed that people who regularly play word and number puzzles have 10-year younger brain function than people their age and in short-term memory tests which they also had to try their brain function is equal to those 8-years younger. This translates to being great for your mental health too as it helps to keep your brain sharp, also as it helps you to reason better this is also a great tool to improving your mental health.


There have also been studies into how increasing the number of puzzle games you play when you’re younger might have an impact on how likely it is that you’ll develop dementia when you’re older. These studies highly suggest that the more word and number puzzles you complete, or even attempt, whilst growing up will help to decrease the chances of developing dementia. The reason for this is that it improves your cognitive brain function, loss of this is what causes dementia so by keeping this strong the chances are much lower of ever getting it. Another study had participants who already had dementia but were not yet in a late stage of dementia. It monitored the effects that playing puzzle games has on those with dementia. The results of the study identified that the more of these games that are played increases the speed and accuracy of their performance and even showed some dramatic improvements in some of the participants.

These are the Drinks You Should Avoid to Protect Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth can often seem like a daunting task. Particularly in our modern society where we are lucky enough to have a seemingly endless supply of sweet treats. But this can make it difficult to properly care for our gnashers. Particularly when advertising companies spend countless millions to market their harmful products to us.

Australia is lucky to have some of the best dental care in the world. So if you need a dentist when in Mandurah or Brisbane, you are spoilt for choice. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your own personal contribution to your dental health. But we are here to make things a bit easier for you, we have put together a list of all the drinks you should avoid to protect your dental health.


This one is obvious and the most widely known killer of teeth. Sugary drinks contain a lot more sugar than you really need in your daily diet. And they cause havoc to your teeth. The sugar in these drinks eats away at the enamel designed to protect the nerves and can lead to fillings or more serious issues down the line. So we suggest you switch to a sugar-free alternative or simply cut them out altogether.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks pose a similar danger to sugary drinks. Most of them contain similar, if not more sugar. But they also pose other issues that normal sugary drinks do not. Energy drinks contain a lot of additional chemicals that are designed to boost your energy levels. But these chemicals can be harmful to your gums as well as your teeth. There are hundreds of fantastic energy drink alternatives that are just as effective, so we suggest making the switch as soon as possible.

Red Wine

Red Wine is one of the world’s favorite drinks. A glass of wine a night has been said to be linked to a healthy heart. But it can also be quite damaging to your dental health. Red wine is infamous for leaving stains on carpets. But did you know it can also stain your teeth? Without proper brushing, flossing, and utilizing mouthwash, drinking red wine can cause serious discoloration on your pearly whites. Not a pleasant idea at all.

Orange Juice

This one might surprise you. But we aren’t talking about freshly squeezed orange juice, direct from the source, we are talking about the cartons of pre-packaged orange juice you can get from the store. These juices are often extremely high in sugar content. That is how they achieve that strong taste. Natural fruit juices, while tasty, aren’t often as strong as that.

This kind of juice can cause the same damage to your teeth as a can of coke. This might shock you but it’s true. And the false sense of security this kind of juice gives us makes it a lot more problematic than soft drinks.


This one might surprise you most of all. Milk is meant to promote bone growth and strength. And it does. But it turns out milk is quite acidic and is potentially harmful to your teeth if consumed in large amounts. It can also be beneficial to the growth of cavity-forming bacteria. So we would suggest you cut down on how much milk you drink. Of course, it takes a lot of it to be harmful. So you can still enjoy your tea with milk or your morning cereal.

These are the Key Disciplines You Will Learn From Martial Arts

There are so many cool things that you can learn by taking a martial art. In this article, I will explain not only the physical benefits but also the psychological ones and show how this small hobby can completely change your life. A lot of this is my own experience with boxing and MMA and I think it will give you a good insight and more than a few reasons to at least give the sport a go.

Know how to stand your own ground

The main focus of martial arts is self defense. Therefore, you’ll know just how to handle yourself. It’s a sad reality of life but there are people out there that go out of their way to harm others, be it, bullies or muggers. Knowing how to stand your ground is a really useful skill for not only protecting yourself but also others. Think how amazing it would be if someone jumps out on you with a knife while you’re with a group of friends and you take him down. Learning a martial art will give you the confidence to do this and stop situations from escalating even further.

Increase your laser focus

Through martial arts training, you’ll be able to focus entirely on the task. Have problems staying concentrated? Get bored easily? Martial arts will help you stay completely in the zone. Kids really benefit from this training because it teaches them to block out distractions in class. It’s great for mindfulness as you struggle to think about anything else when engaging in martial arts fights.

Balance and Flexibility

You may not move like a ballerina but martial arts is amazing for improving your core strength and keeping you in tune with the way your body moves. This in turn will not only make your everyday movements more graceful but also the stretching exercises that are an important part of any martial art will help increase your flexibility and stop you from feeling so tight.


The social aspects of martial arts training are huge. Not only will you become more confident, but you’ll also meet a lot of people along the way. These people will share similar goals to you and you’ll naturally become friends in the dojo. You’ll also be invited to social events outside of the classes and it’s perfect for the natural introvert. The group training dynamic literally makes it impossible not to make new friends.


The way a class works is you have a burst of energy followed by moderate exercise. This not only gives you time to recover, it really tests your endurance and is way more fun than, for example, just going for a run. This will condition your body to give maximum effort for the duration of around. You’ll also feel as if you have more energy throughout the day and will no longer crash in the afternoon.


The thing about a lot of these disciplines is it takes time. You won’t be able to go straight in the ring on day one. You’ll need to build up to it and as a result, the sport teaches discipline. Usually, the length of time required to get a purple belt in bjj is usually between four and five years so you’ve got to be consistent and stay patient.


A lot of martial arts will focus on HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and the benefit of this approach is it’s proven to build a strong heart and cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure as blood pumps around the body more efficiently and you’ll build lean muscle tissue. Unlike a bodybuilder, you’ll be building more functional muscles through push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, etc that have a real-world application rather than just lifting a heavyweight. It’s not about vanity or looking a certain way, it’s about making you strong and healthy from the inside.

Mental Toughness

The last, and perhaps most important discipline you will learn from martial arts is mental toughness. It’s not easy to succeed in any sport but specifically martial arts, you need to build a particular frame of mind. You will have to adopt a ruthless and never quitting mindset. This will be done by finding your limits and pushing through them. You’ll have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn to do what needs to be done.


How is Deafness Affecting Your Mental Health?

Those with hearing loss or deafness are bound to encounter a bunch of mental and intense subject matters; with outrage, sadness, nervousness, forlornness, dissatisfaction, and diminished psychological working being some of them

Include a normal circumstance of five to ten years looking for a change (with no particular treatment strategies), and you have an instance for the superfluously low quality of life for many individuals.

While the capacity to hear your friends and family or make the most of your preferred TV programs is absolutely the objective, it turns out there is more in question than simply your hearing wellbeing. New studies and advancements have shown that untreated hearing loss profoundly affects mental state, influencing everything from demeanour to a lack of a sense of life fulfilment to cognizance. Also, with the most people born after WW2 now entering their fifties, the expanding populace of those with hearing misfortune is turning into a huge issue.


Deafness has, as of late, been connected with depression. An ongoing report concentrated on north of around two thousand individuals with various levels of deafness and found that those with hearing loss were fifty per cent bound to encounter depression. What’s more, it’s not merely feeling down on occasion; numerous seniors with untreated hearing loss detailed sentiments of misery or potentially depression that kept going for fourteen days or more.


Cognitive decay

Cognitive decay is a huge issue that has been connected to untreated hearing loss in various ongoing investigations. In any case, whether cognitive atrophy or even dementia are brought about by deafness isn’t being explored currently; what is known is that a connection has been formed as a base that requires further investigation.

Specialists presume that the higher hazard for dementia and cognitive decay in those with untreated hearing problems or deafness could be brought about by various components.

An ongoing report recommends that one of these variables is mind redesign, in which the main centres of hearing in the cerebrum contract and different parts of the mind that were previously committed to various undertakings are forced to step in. The outcome is that mind capacities, for example, momentary memory or critical thinking aptitudes break down.


Introversion/ Isolation

For numerous people, forlornness and social disconnection are genuine and greatly significant problems which are unfortunately just exacerbated by hearing loss. Numerous individuals become baffled with their endeavours to hear and see, particularly in boisterous conditions. Accordingly, they maintain a strategic distance from exercises, individuals and spots they once appreciated.

It was discovered that individuals with untreated hearing loss are essentially more averse to take an interest in social exercises than the individuals who utilize hearing aids. While isolation and introversion are both issues all by themselves, other examinations show that it very well may be just an additional factor in cognitive decrease and dementia.

Think about the mind like a muscle; as a result, it is a “utilize it or lose it” circumstance in which decreased hearing prompts less cerebrum incitement.

In Conclusion

The misfortune of deafness is something that not just causes physical impairments but also psychological difficulties. Individuals who experience any problems with their mental health must seek the help of a mental health practitioner or therapist. Physical health does not supersede mental health.