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Knowing how to fight the stresses and traumas are crucial in putting a genuine smile on everyone’s face. Learning more about mental health can provide strong pillars to your mind and enable you to connect with the struggling souls.


Spreading the word into every family is key to achieving stable mental health. Understanding the importance of a sound mind and insinuating into the right state of mind as a community can lead everyone into prosperity.


Shaping capable individuals into a support system for every soul in torment. We gather the most promising group of human beings to build stronger wings of protection for the needy. Join hands with us to redefine contentment and serenity.

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    State funding services and philanthropic support have lent their best hand of assistance with every available program. Staying grateful for every financial help we have received; more funds will only serve the ones in agony.

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    Every enterprising socially responsible individual gets trained to be of best service to the scathed psyches. We teach you to approach with a smile to the catharsis of the affected ones.

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The age of developing cognitive skills need to be fed with blissful memories and great thoughts. Coping with the stresses that come ahead in life can be hard; clearing the path for the children to face it with courage is our mission.

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    Lack of sleep, bad dreams, and phobias come alive to eat one’s insides. Fight the fears with us to get to the end of the tunnel.

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    Drooped down long faces aren’t the reflections of depression. No glint of soulful emotions in the eyes needs to be reinvigorated.

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    Medical conditions are to be combated with the best treatment. We provide every possible support to the differently-abled. They too have their joyous world of wonders to explore.

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Emotional and mental health stabilizes physical health. We, as a community has been serving to reinforce every innocent soul to shape them into the strong and high-spirited beings of faith. Years of experience don’t count; the number of smiles does.


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These are the Key Disciplines You Will Learn From Martial Arts

There are so many cool things that you can learn by taking a martial art. In this article, I will explain not only the physical benefits but also the psychological ones and show how this small hobby can completely change your life. A lot of this is my own experience with boxing and MMA and I think it will give you a good insight and more than a few reasons to at least give the sport a go.

Know how to stand your own ground

The main focus of martial arts is self defense. Therefore, you’ll know just how to handle yourself. It’s a sad reality of life but there are people out there that go out of their way to harm others, be it, bullies or muggers. Knowing how to stand your ground is a really useful skill for not only protecting yourself but also others. Think how amazing it would be if someone jumps out on you with a knife while you’re with a group of friends and you take him down. Learning a martial art will give you the confidence to do this and stop situations from escalating even further.

Increase your laser focus

Through martial arts training, you’ll be able to focus entirely on the task. Have problems staying concentrated? Get bored easily? Martial arts will help you stay completely in the zone. Kids really benefit from this training because it teaches them to block out distractions in class. It’s great for mindfulness as you struggle to think about anything else when engaging in martial arts fights.

Balance and Flexibility

You may not move like a ballerina but martial arts is amazing for improving your core strength and keeping you in tune with the way your body moves. This in turn will not only make your everyday movements more graceful but also the stretching exercises that are an important part of any martial art will help increase your flexibility and stop you from feeling so tight.


The social aspects of martial arts training are huge. Not only will you become more confident, but you’ll also meet a lot of people along the way. These people will share similar goals to you and you’ll naturally become friends in the dojo. You’ll also be invited to social events outside of the classes and it’s perfect for the natural introvert. The group training dynamic literally makes it impossible not to make new friends.


The way a class works is you have a burst of energy followed by moderate exercise. This not only gives you time to recover, it really tests your endurance and is way more fun than, for example, just going for a run. This will condition your body to give maximum effort for the duration of around. You’ll also feel as if you have more energy throughout the day and will no longer crash in the afternoon.


The thing about a lot of these disciplines is it takes time. You won’t be able to go straight in the ring on day one. You’ll need to build up to it and as a result, the sport teaches discipline. Usually, the length of time required to get a purple belt in bjj is usually between four and five years so you’ve got to be consistent and stay patient.


A lot of martial arts will focus on HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and the benefit of this approach is it’s proven to build a strong heart and cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure as blood pumps around the body more efficiently and you’ll build lean muscle tissue. Unlike a bodybuilder, you’ll be building more functional muscles through push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, etc that have a real-world application rather than just lifting a heavyweight. It’s not about vanity or looking a certain way, it’s about making you strong and healthy from the inside.

Mental Toughness

The last, and perhaps most important discipline you will learn from martial arts is mental toughness. It’s not easy to succeed in any sport but specifically martial arts, you need to build a particular frame of mind. You will have to adopt a ruthless and never quitting mindset. This will be done by finding your limits and pushing through them. You’ll have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn to do what needs to be done.

The Importance of Keeping Your Mind Active as You Age

One of the downsides of old age is the unfortunate fact that your mind begins to deteriorate, this however does not have to happen quickly and there are things that you can do to help keep the mind active. Keeping the mind active is so much more important for older people as they are much more likely to be spending time during the day doing nothing, it is during these moments of boredom that the mind can wander so it is more important than ever to keep your mind occupied.


Improving a person’s memory is just one of the benefits of having an active mind, by doing small activities on a daily basis you are essentially training your brain to be able to withstand the memory loss that comes with old age. As people get older is reportedly one of the saddest processes to see a loved one lose their grip on their memory, a way to combat this is to ensure that you speak about your past and any anecdotes you may have on a regular basis. Rather than just forgetting about significant moments of your life if you spend time reminiscing about these moments they are much more likely to stick around in your mind.

Occupying the Mind

It is said that boredom is one of the worst parts of getting older, as your mobility decreases so does your ability to get out and do things as much as you used to. These limitations have a very negative impact on a person’s mental health so it is important that you do everything you can to occupy your mind throughout the day, it is likely that you are going to feel much more positive after a day of activities in comparison to a day spent doing nothing.

Social Interaction

A great way to keep your mind active is to spend time with others, if you have a friend in a similar situation to yourself you may want to think about inviting them over for some company. You could try out new activities together such as board games, watching television or maybe just for a catch-up. Seeing friends is a great way to keep the mind active as you are forced to have a conversation and spend time with friends, this is also great for your mental health as you are making sure that you do not spend too much time alone.

How to Keep the Mind Active

There are many ways in which you can keep your mind active, watching television is a great way to relax but it can also be informative if you are watching something new, avoiding watching the same content is the right way to go as you are aiming to keep your mind active with new content. You could also try playing board games as this also encourages you to have some social interaction with your peers, this is a great way to occupy the mind and embrace that competitive streak within.

Board games such as Scrabble and Connect Four are great if you are looking to keep your mind active as you get older as they have educational themes and concepts they are going to be great tools in ensuring your mind is as active as possible. If you are someone that is bored of the classic board games like Scrabble then you may want to move onto something different, scrabble go cheat is a modernized version of the game in a mobile format do you can push yourself even further by occupying your mind with something even more complex.

New Study Suggests Spicy Food is Great for Weight Loss

Weight loss is massively important to many people, with over 70 million people suffering from obesity in America weight loss is now more important than ever. Being overweight causes many health-related issues that people are eager to avoid including being at higher risk of having a stroke, increased chances of developing type 2 diabetes, higher cholesterol levels, and coronary heart disease. As being overweight does have such severe health risks there are over 45 million people a year in America who take part in dieting as they want to considerably lower these risks. Americans on average spend $33 billion a year on dieting. There is so much conflicting information about dieting that it can be extremely hard for people to lose weight even when attempting a diet. Some of the most popular diets don’t always have good results such as using slimming world, the Atkins diet, the 500 2, etc. But for anyone who is hoping to lose weight, you’ll be glad to know that recent studies strongly suggest that spicy food is great for weight loss.

The Science

The recent study involved 35 participants who visited the center where the study was taking place, they visited 6 times over 6 weeks for a meal there. They were advised by the scientists whether to have a high-fat diet, high carbohydrate diet, or their normal diet in the week before visiting. They were instructed to avoid alcohol, intense exercise, and caffeine.

They also were instructed to fast for 12 hours before their meal at the center. The spicy food that was tested for this experiment was cayenne pepper. The participants would be given varying quantities of cayenne pepper depending on which diet they had followed the prior week. The cayenne pepper was consumed orally either cooked into their meal or taken as a capsule, this is so when no cayenne pepper was added a dummy capsule was used so as not to mess with the results. The results of the study that spicy food increases body temperature, which causes weight loss via sweat. It also suppresses appetite, following eating spicy food the participants did not crave salty, sweet, or fatty foods and felt fuller so would be less likely to overeat during that day. It also adds to an increase in energy levels which would allow anyone trying to lose weight to also exercise due to the increase in energy. The scientists interpreted these results to be that red pepper and spicy foods do have a positive impact on weight loss.

The Food

After seeing the results from the study we’re sure you’ll be rushing out to get your hands on some spicy foods so we have some recommendations. The best thing we recommend for you is to order sili labuyo taiwan, it’s hot without being too spicy to eat. If you want spicier then we recommend the Carolina reaper and if you want to lose weight with a bit less of a kick then the Trinidad perfume chili will be perfect for you.

8 Warm-Up Exercises You Need to Do Before Playing Any Sport

Warming up prior to exercise is one of the best ways to avoid muscle strains and other injuries when you workout, if you are someone who takes part in exercise without warming up first you may find you are more prone to aching after you have finished, this is because your body is not prepared to be put under the pressure that comes with exercise. Warming up allows your muscles to ease into being exercised and avoid injury.

Star Jumps

Also known as jumping jacks, star jumps can be perceived as a childish exercise move when in fact it is a great way to warm up before your workout. Simply stand on one spot and jump whilst extending your arms and legs to form a star shape, this warm-up can be done in a number of different exercise situations and is a great way to prepare muscles in your arms and legs for a more vigorous workout. Doing jumping jacks is the best way to prevent injuries in soccer due to the fact that both your arms and legs are being stretched in preparation for a match.


Light Running

For exercises like running one of the easiest ways to warm up without having to do a different form of exercise would be to start off slow and do a light jog. It may seem redundant to warm up for your exercise by doing the same activity, but it really is foolproof as you can be sure that all necessary muscles have been warmed up, making an injury or sprain much less likely to occur. When you next go out for a run or jog why not try warming up by giving yourself a time or distance limit where you can be more relaxed and gradually increase your workout.


Lunges are a commonly used warm-up technique and for good reason, by doing lunges you are relieving any tension in your muscles and preparing them for extreme use. Lunges consist of stretching out onto your leg and holding the weight off your body, if you are doing lunges as a warm-up ensure you take care not to push yourself too hard as some people find lunges to be a pretty advanced exercise.


Similarly to lunges, doing squats is a great part of any workout but can also be used as a warm-up exercise to ease your muscles into your workout. Within most forms of exercise, you will be using muscles located in your legs, in order to help avoid the unfortunate event of an injury you will want to ensure you have done a proper warm-up and squats are a great way of achieving this.

Press Ups

Press-ups are a very common exercise technique and can make for a very intense workout when done over long periods of time, for a warm-up you could limit the number of press-ups to say ten or twenty depending on your ability. Press-ups are another example of a warm-up technique that helps prepare the whole body for exercise by working multiple muscles at a time.


Planking is similar to doing a pressing except instead of moving up and down you stay in one position and test how long you can last without falling out of the plank. You should take care when using this technique as a warm-up because if you were to push yourself too hard you run the risk of injuring yourself.

Light Weight Lifting

When doing a weight lifting workout one of the best things you can do to warm-up would be to start off small and do some repetitions with a smaller more manageable weight, rather than jumping straight in with the heavyweights it would be better to make things easier, to begin with, and gradually increase the weight as you conduct your workout.

Walking Knee Hugs

A final warm-up technique you should implement into your routine would be the lesser-known walking knee hugs, whilst taking large strides lift your legs into your chest and wrap your arms around your knee. This technique helps relieve tension in the muscles which is a great way to help avoid injury.

Why China is Leading the Way In Global Dental Health

Dental care is an important part of anyone’s lives but in China, we have seen a huge development in the attitude and quality of dental care that is available in Hong Kong in particular. Hong Kong is a very busy city with so many different options available in terms of dental care so it makes sense that we have seen an increased focus on looking after your smile in recent years. With cosmetics as an industry being very influential in China, there have been more releases of dental care products than anywhere else around the world, the competitive nature of the industry has encouraged retailers to keep churning out new products in the hope of being successful.

New Products

As previously mentioned because of how competitive the health and beauty sector is in Hong Kong there are more dental products available, cosmetic labs and health retailers are in a constant battle to become the latest trend in dental care. From high-quality teeth whitening kits to simple items such as innovative toothpaste and brushes, anything that can be used to effectively look after your teeth can be found in Hong Kong. The dental options in hong kong are unlike anything else in the world with some pretty unique formulas and ingredients being used to create great products, with the dental care you should experiment with new things to find what works well for you, so if you find yourself in the area you should definitely give something new a try.

Innovative Technology

China is known for its revolutionary innovations in terms of technology and the dental care industry is no exception to these technological advancements. With high tech bruising options available in a mainstream capacity, so many people have access to high-quality home dental care technology for very reasonable prices. As well as home dental care technology is very advanced, the quality of technology used in professional dentists in Hong Kong is also far superior to the technology used in other parts of the world. The fact that Hong Kong has created some extremely unique and effective technology within the dental industry just shows how advanced the dental care options available really are. Also, the fact that this technology is available to purchase by the public also highlights how ahead of the times the country is.

Dental Health Advertising

Another reason that Hong Kong may have seen a development in dental care could be due to the influx in dental care advertisements, by spreading the word about the importance of looking after your teeth you are bound to see an increase in people taking dental health seriously. Unlike other countries around the world Hong Kong has been seen with huge lit up advertisement boards for dental care products, this not only encourages people to look after their teeth to the best of their ability but also persuades more consumers to spend money on the new products that are available so the industry can grow further. With money being spent on new dental products, companies are allowed to succeed and increase the number of products available in the future.


Dental training in China is much more extensive than that of other parts of the world, with highly professional experts of the industry working at an affordable rate and with the very best equipment and products available to them, it is no surprise that China is leading the way in terms of dental care. With other countries offering dental care at a highly expensive rate it makes sense that people would avoid a visit whereas in China people are encouraged to visit regularly to maintain the health of their teeth. This is much more likely to be successful in China because people are not forced to spend significant sums of money just to ensure they have a nice smile. In countries where dental care prices are at an all-time high, people are only going to visit the dentist when they have an issue. Rather than going through preventative measures to avoid a serious dental implication, people are waiting for an issue to arise to force them to go in and pay the extravagant prices which is definitely not the way to achieve good dental health.

Loving Your Skin: How to Properly Care for your Face

Whether you’re trying to target a specific issue or if you’re just wanting to make sure your face is always looking its best, one of the best things you can do is invest in a good quality skincare routine. Contrary to popular belief, having an effective skincare routine doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. The most difficult thing you’ll have to do is that you’ll probably end up having to try a number of products to find the ones that work best for your skin type. No matter what your goal, here are some ways you can take better care of your skin.

Keep Your Face Clean

The first thing you’ll need to do to ensure your face remains clear and as clean as possible from day to day is to try not to touch it as much as possible. If you think of how much we use our hands every day, it’s not that hard to believe that our fingers can wind up carrying a lot of dirt and bacteria. Even if you wash your hands often, chances are there is still some bacteria left on your fingers, so just imagine if everything you’ve touched is now being spread around your face. If you’re having a spout of acne, the cause could be a lot simpler than you might think. 

To keep your face clean, you should try and use a gentle facial cleanser in the morning and evening before you go to bed. It may even be worth carrying around a small pack of facial wipes with you if you notice your face getting oily during the day.

Acne Isn’t the End of the World

The next thing you need to know for your skincare routine is that having acne isn’t the worst thing. There is any number of reasons for acne and most of us have had it at some part of our lives and many of us still do. One of the most important things you can do, not only for acne but for your skin in general is to stay hydrated. Water has been proven time and time again to significantly impact how your skin looks. 

If you’re suffering from more intense acne, it’s probably best to see a dermatologist before trying anything new. If your acne is milder, there are any number of potential treatments out there, and with the power of the internet, you can find plenty of reviews online for acne products, like this acne no more review. The most important thing to do if you have acne is to cut yourself some slack. It can be difficult to accept but if you try your best to keep on top of it, then that’s all you can do.


Something you definitely shouldn’t be afraid of when trying to improve your skincare routine is moisturizing. Terrible teenage skincare routines would have you believing that moisturizing your face leads to over-production of oils that can wind up causing acne. But that is just simply not the case. In fact, not moisturizing can actually be more likely to lead to acne as your skin is forced to create extra oils to keep your skin from drying out.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

The last and potentially most important thing you can do for your skincare routine is to protect yourself from the sun. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and the sun is out to burn it. Your face is often the most sensitive area on your body so you should always be sure to include products with a good SPF factor into your skincare routine to keep it looking young and healthy for as long as possible.

New Research Shows A Messy Garden Can Impact your Health

It is common knowledge that forming a connection with nature can be extremely beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Because of this, experts recommend that you spend at least 2 hours a day out in nature. During these difficult times, it may be hard to do so, as public spaces now follow new regulations that may make stepping out uncomfortable. Because of this people are choosing to spend more time than ever in their gardens, but after months of neglect, these gardens may actually be doing more harm than good.

Throughout the year, your garden may begin to build up piles of mess, including broken household objects and other disposed of items. If you then start to spend more time in this garden, surrounded by this mess, you will start to feel the mental impact that mess creates. It’s the same as living in a messy home, you can’t relax while being surrounded by a mountain of garbage.

What you may also notice if you spend more time in your garden is that gardens can quickly start to look uncontrollable. This is because of all of the growing grass and weeds that may start to make your garden look like a jungle. If you have started to experience this and you are not sure how to combat this, check out websites such as nononsenseninja, these websites make comprehensive lists of the best tools that you can use to clean up your garden along with instructions on how to use them. Take the time to really look into the easiest ways to clean up your garden, as this will be extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health. Taking the time to do some physical labor can also be very beneficial to your physical help.

Is Dopamine Addiction Real and Should you Worry about it?

Dopamine is a natural chemical released by the brain, and it can be a great thing. But it can also lead to nasty spirals like addiction, obesity, and other dopamine-related activities. But, should dopamine addiction be something you need to worry about it?

What is Dopamine?

To begin, let us breakdown what dopamine actually is. Dopamine is a neurochemical (a chemical produced and discharged by the brain) that’s released around activities humans find pleasurable. So, eating food, exercising, sleeping, watching TV – anything we humans might find pleasurable or satisfying, dopamine is released. What dopamine does is make all of these experiences more enjoyable and is part of the reason we choose to do them again and again and again. It’s the reason, even though to begin with it’s painful, people train to run marathons, stuff themselves full of food even though they know they’ll bloat, have lie-ins when their alarms are going off, and binge-watch Netflix series when we’re too sleepy (we’ve all been there for that one). But, while dopamine makes experiences that much better, is it possible to get addicted to it?


While dopamine makes experiences that much greater, studies have been done where people choose dopamine high over and over again, regardless of any detrimental side effects of the so-good feeling.


One of the most powerful inducers of dopamine is drugs, and the reason they’re called addictions is that people become intoxicated by the dopamine rush that the drugs give them. As mentioned above, studies were completed where people chose dopamine highs over and over again, regardless of how dangerous the outcome could be. This is exactly what happens with drugs such a heroin. While everyone knows it’s a dangerous drug, and most stay away, there are those few who don’t listen and find themselves in a dangerous dance with dopamine highs. Even though, after being warned since childhood to avoid drugs, knowing the terrible outcomes, people use it again and again, because of the neurochemical that’s released: dopamine.

So, while dopamine can be a good thing for things such as exercise, to keep you motivated through the training and soreness of muscles, to reach the goal of being fitter and stronger, it can be very dangerous.

Is it a choice?

While we can wish as much as we want for more control over our bodies and their processes, sadly, dopamine highs are not something we can control, or have any choice over. So that means regardless of what it is we enjoy, be it exercising, eating, sleeping, we have no choice as to when the feel-good chemical is released. This is why dopamine is so controversial.

For some people, it’s even worse. From birth, genetic factors determine your dopamine receptors. Those with less active receptors are more likely to form addictions because of how much it increases their dopamine uptake. These people are also more likely to have depression and other conditions associated with intense low moods.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those with very active dopamine receptors. These lucky people get great amounts of dopamine release when doing anything that’s “feel good”. These are the kinds of people that are the most likely to train hard enough to reach marathon levels and achieve what many other people would find too hard to do, all because of their dopamine release levels.

However, too much dopamine can also be a dangerous thing. Because of the high levels of dopamine released from the smallest of activities, to get a higher dose, they have to do things that will release more. This means that often people with high-dopamine levels do intense activities to get intense highs. This could be anything from extreme fitness to cliff diving. But just like those with low dopamine levels, those with high dopamine levels can become addicted to dangerous activities and again, drugs.

There are people who’ve been trialing a chemical called antidopamine, which can help people with high dopamine levels. What the chemical does is


How is Deafness Affecting Your Mental Health?

Those with hearing loss or deafness are bound to encounter a bunch of mental and intense subject matters; with outrage, sadness, nervousness, forlornness, dissatisfaction, and diminished psychological working being some of them

Include a normal circumstance of five to ten years looking for a change (with no particular treatment strategies), and you have an instance for the superfluously low quality of life for many individuals.

While the capacity to hear your friends and family or make the most of your preferred TV programs is absolutely the objective, it turns out there is more in question than simply your hearing wellbeing. New studies and advancements have shown that untreated hearing loss profoundly affects mental state, influencing everything from demeanour to a lack of a sense of life fulfilment to cognizance. Also, with the most people born after WW2 now entering their fifties, the expanding populace of those with hearing misfortune is turning into a huge issue.


Deafness has, as of late, been connected with depression. An ongoing report concentrated on north of around two thousand individuals with various levels of deafness and found that those with hearing loss were fifty per cent bound to encounter depression. What’s more, it’s not merely feeling down on occasion; numerous seniors with untreated hearing loss detailed sentiments of misery or potentially depression that kept going for fourteen days or more.


Cognitive decay

Cognitive decay is a huge issue that has been connected to untreated hearing loss in various ongoing investigations. In any case, whether cognitive atrophy or even dementia are brought about by deafness isn’t being explored currently; what is known is that a connection has been formed as a base that requires further investigation.

Specialists presume that the higher hazard for dementia and cognitive decay in those with untreated hearing problems or deafness could be brought about by various components.

An ongoing report recommends that one of these variables is mind redesign, in which the main centres of hearing in the cerebrum contract and different parts of the mind that were previously committed to various undertakings are forced to step in. The outcome is that mind capacities, for example, momentary memory or critical thinking aptitudes break down.


Introversion/ Isolation

For numerous people, forlornness and social disconnection are genuine and greatly significant problems which are unfortunately just exacerbated by hearing loss. Numerous individuals become baffled with their endeavours to hear and see, particularly in boisterous conditions. Accordingly, they maintain a strategic distance from exercises, individuals and spots they once appreciated.

It was discovered that individuals with untreated hearing loss are essentially more averse to take an interest in social exercises than the individuals who utilize hearing aids. While isolation and introversion are both issues all by themselves, other examinations show that it very well may be just an additional factor in cognitive decrease and dementia.

Think about the mind like a muscle; as a result, it is a “utilize it or lose it” circumstance in which decreased hearing prompts less cerebrum incitement.

In Conclusion

The misfortune of deafness is something that not just causes physical impairments but also psychological difficulties. Individuals who experience any problems with their mental health must seek the help of a mental health practitioner or therapist. Physical health does not supersede mental health.