8 Warm-Up Exercises You Need to Do Before Playing Any Sport

Warming up prior to exercise is one of the best ways to avoid muscle strains and other injuries when you workout, if you are someone who takes part in exercise without warming up first you may find you are more prone to aching after you have finished, this is because your body is not prepared to be put under the pressure that comes with exercise. Warming up allows your muscles to ease into being exercised and avoid injury.


Star Jumps

Also known as jumping jacks, star jumps can be perceived as a childish exercise move when in fact it is a great way to warm up before your workout. Simply stand on one spot and jump whilst extending your arms and legs to form a star shape, this warm-up can be done in a number of different exercise situations and is a great way to prepare muscles in your arms and legs for a more vigorous workout. Doing jumping jacks is the best way to prevent injuries in soccer due to the fact that both your arms and legs are being stretched in preparation for a match.


Light Running

For exercises like running one of the easiest ways to warm up without having to do a different form of exercise would be to start off slow and do a light jog. It may seem redundant to warm up for your exercise by doing the same activity, but it really is foolproof as you can be sure that all necessary muscles have been warmed up, making an injury or sprain much less likely to occur. When you next go out for a run or jog why not try warming up by giving yourself a time or distance limit where you can be more relaxed and gradually increase your workout.



Lunges are a commonly used warm-up technique and for good reason, by doing lunges you are relieving any tension in your muscles and preparing them for extreme use. Lunges consist of stretching out onto your leg and holding the weight off your body, if you are doing lunges as a warm-up ensure you take care not to push yourself too hard as some people find lunges to be a pretty advanced exercise.



Similarly to lunges, doing squats is a great part of any workout but can also be used as a warm-up exercise to ease your muscles into your workout. Within most forms of exercise, you will be using muscles located in your legs, in order to help avoid the unfortunate event of an injury you will want to ensure you have done a proper warm-up and squats are a great way of achieving this.


Press Ups

Press-ups are a very common exercise technique and can make for a very intense workout when done over long periods of time, for a warm-up you could limit the number of press-ups to say ten or twenty depending on your ability. Press-ups are another example of a warm-up technique that helps prepare the whole body for exercise by working multiple muscles at a time.



Planking is similar to doing a pressing except instead of moving up and down you stay in one position and test how long you can last without falling out of the plank. You should take care when using this technique as a warm-up because if you were to push yourself too hard you run the risk of injuring yourself.


Light Weight Lifting


When doing a weight lifting workout one of the best things you can do to warm-up would be to start off small and do some repetitions with a smaller more manageable weight, rather than jumping straight in with the heavyweights it would be better to make things easier, to begin with, and gradually increase the weight as you conduct your workout.


Walking Knee Hugs

A final warm-up technique you should implement into your routine would be the lesser-known walking knee hugs, whilst taking large strides lift your legs into your chest and wrap your arms around your knee. This technique helps relieve tension in the muscles which is a great way to help avoid injury.

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