Mental Health Matters - The Church of England's resources for Mental Health issues.
 The Diocese of Chester           

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In Chester Diocese we have a mental health forum that has recently produced the '1 in 4' document available to download from this website.
Our aim is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and we are offering to support parishes who wish to take this further -  through training/talks/support groups etc.  We have also been asked to present training days to clergy and other licensed workers.
We are also keen to make contact with people from other Dioceses who have an interest in mental health and who would be interested in meeting/making contact in order to have conversations about mutual concerns.  If you or anyone within your dioceses may be interested in this, please let me know.
Jane Knight,
Bishop's Advisor in Pastoral Care and Counselling, Diocese of Chester.
The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham
The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham has set up Opening Minds a new group recently drawn together to help co-ordinate the diocese's response to mental health issues. This group is made up of a mixture of ordained and lay people, health professionals and service users. The aim is for the strategy group ot be made up of 50 per cent service users in due course.
Opening Minds.pdf (PDF — 212 KB)
This leaflet has been created by the group.

The Diocese of Coventry

Keeping Health in Mind (KHIM) seeks to raise the profile of mental health issues within church communities, to reduce stigma for those with lived experience of mental health problems, and to reach out in love with readily accessible resources for churches, carers and individuals.
Keeping Health in Mind is run by Director and co-founder, Ali Hogger. Ali is licensed by the Bishop to both this charity but also as Assistant Curate at Risen Christ, Wyken in Coventry. Ali's previous work was in mental health. 
Click on the image to go to the diocese of Coventry Keeping Health in Mind page or click here to go to their website.

The Diocese of Sheffield
 Mental Health Working Team (MHWT).
The MHWT answers to the Faith and Justice board. It meets every 2/3 months and has been in existence since 2010. In that time the group, which is mainly Anglican but also has Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal and Atheist members, has achieved a number of things.
A mental health awareness course has been developed and delivered to the Diocese.
Julian Raffay gives a presentation on the emotionally healthy Church.
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This one day course includes a basic introduction to mental health issues
and explores some of the practicalities involved in welcoming people with these issues into Church life. The MHWT aims to secure independent funding for this project and hopes to develop an online version.
The MHWT has strong links with the local Mental Health Trusts, with Senior staff and service users from both Trusts attending meetings.
Emily Wood - MHWT, Diocese of Sheffield.
The Diocese of Durham

Broomtree Ministry

For some time I have had the vision to create a resource for the benefit of the churches in Darlington to help build the capacity of congregations and leaders to offer support and care to persons with severe mental illness. This vision is now taking shape and your web resources have helped, thank-you.
I have found the ‘Pathways to Promise’ ministry in the States shares the same vision but their organisation and ambition is country wide. Their web site has very useful resources and the ‘Toolkit for Congregations’ is a good starting place for individuals and churches thinking of this form of ministry. In fact, it would be exciting to think that the UK ecumenical church could adopt this toolkit and framework and adapt for our purpose.  They have produced DVDs and training resources that provoke conversation. I haven’t seen them but again it is fertile ground for future development. 
Anyway, as an individual it has clarified what I had in mind and I will be able to shamelessly apply to the development of Broomtree.  I have a number of ‘Persons Experienced and Engaged in Recovery’ (PEERS) who form the basis of my team. Together we will complete the ‘Companionship’ training (with some tweeks and additions) before offering ourselves to the Darlington Churches Together Network.
Pathways to Promise is an interfaith cooperative of many faith groups. We provide assistance and are a resource center which offers liturgical and education materials, program models, caring ministry with people experiencing a mental illness and their families. The resources are used by people at all levels of faith group structures from local congregations to regional and national staff
Brian Robinson
Community Support Worker
Adult Social Care Mental Health Team
West Park Hospital, Darlington.

The Diocese of Worcester
Reflective Practice in the Worcester Diocese – Support, Insight and Well-Being in Ministry
 Since 2011, every fortnight during term time, a group of eight clergy meet together with two facilitators in a quiet setting, away from the usual Anglican circuit. Each time it meets, two clergy have the opportunity to bring a piece of work or a situation which is disturbing them, or in which they feel somehow stuck and unable to progress in any way. The group helps the individual explore the problem and nearly always, a situation which has seemed stuck loosens up.  It is not a therapy group as such, and yet participants will testify to the significant personal growth it enables to happen.
The learning which takes place through exploring these questions is profoundly personal but it comes about due to the trust between members, a trust which is fostered and deepened through regular attendance and a commitment to total confidentiality.
Sarah Cooke
Bishop’s Adviser in Pastoral Care and Counselling, Diocese of Worcester.

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