Health Myths: Is Vaping Harmful to Your Lungs?

For smokers all over the world, the struggle to be successful on your journey to finally quit smoking can be very hard, there are many methods to help ease you off normal cigarettes and get you on your way to give up nicotine. Vaping is just one of many nicotine products that are considered to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes but there has been much discussion around whether or not vaping is actually safe for regular use and the damage that could still be caused to your lungs and your body.  

Risks of Vaping

One of the biggest health concerns that come with vaping is that there are still a number of harmful chemicals that really shouldn’t be inhaled within everyday e liquids. There is also the fact that you are still using nicotine products that are highly addictive, although it is true that you can buy e liquids with a different nicotine percentage to help you with quitting smoking and gradually reducing the amount of nicotine you are using, it should still be noted that vaping is still a very addictive thing to do.  

As vaping has grown to be much more popular than it once was it has been seen very often that retailers will source low-quality and cheap e liquids to increase their profit margins. With the rate of vape users skyrocketing at such a substantial rate more people will be fooled into thinking that they will be buying a quality product when this really isn’t the case. If you are going to be vaping and are trying to use vaping as a means to eventually give up smoking altogether, then I would highly recommend that you only buy your liquids from a credible source so that you can be sure you are not buying anything that is going to damage you even further.  

Benefits of Vaping

There is a health risk with using any form of nicotine product but it is my personal opinion that vaping is much better for you than traditional cigarettes as although there are a number of chemicals in the majority of e liquids it is nothing in comparison to what can be found in a cigarette. Using vaping as a means to eventually quit smoking altogether is in my opinion the only reason a person should be vaping, if you are not suffering from a  nicotine addiction then I see no reason why you would want to pick on up by starting to use an e-cigarette.   

Another huge benefit of vaping is that you can customize what you are vaping to meet your requirements and the strength of your cravings. If you are someone who used to be a heavy smoker you are able to tailor your e-liquid accordingly, as well as being able to add a flavoring to suit your preference if you struggle to find ones that you like in stores. Overall, if you are looking for a way to help you quit smoking and start leading a healthier lifestyle then vaping may be for you, it is much safer and the customizability of the products that are currently on the market are a huge selling point, Mr. Salt is a great e-liquid retailer that is known for its high quality and safe eliquids, you can find mr salt e-liquid here.

As vaping is considered to be healthier than normal smoking it would have to be one of the most effective products within this sector that are currently available for purchase, many ex-smokers have admitted that it was only possible because they started vaping and were able to gradually reduce their nicotine levels in a safe way.  

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