How to Overcome the Challenges Associated with Vision Loss

Eye Drops

No matter what the extent of your vision loss is it is vital that you keep your eyes moisturized using specialized eye drops that can be bought from the pharmacy or sourced on prescription through your doctor. Keeping your eyes moisturized helps counteract any irritation you may experience during your vision loss to help prevent any worsening of your condition. Using eye drops is a great way to maximize your eye health as well as making the frustration of being without your vision a little bit more bearable.


Specialist Glasses

If you are registered blind you will be eligible for a pack to help you adjust to your new life, it can be very hard at first but getting out of the house is only going to benefit your health. On sunny days you may find that the light causes distracting color shifts which can discourage a person who is without their vision from getting outdoors, specialist eyewear has been developed to help ease this side effect so that people without their vision don’t have to put up with the irritation of the sunlight.


Adapting to Loss of Vision

Coming to terms with being without your vision can be very difficult, and the only thing I can say is that it is something you will have to adapt to even though your situation is very challenging. In order to adapt and better understand how you can live without your vision, it may be a good idea to do some online research into what help is available and potential treatments that could be used to make your life easier, a great example would have to be this recent article on new methods for vision loss treatments, this article discusses if microcannulas can prevent blindness and looks at other methods of prevention.


Seeking Professional Help

If you feel that it is all too much then I would highly recommend that you seek the help and advice of a professional, depending on whether you are suffering from medical or emotional turmoil I would say that visiting your GP or a blindness therapist would be the best course of action. Seeing a professional can really help clear up any questions you may have or something that is causing you distress can be addressed and a solution may be found because you were prepared to talk about your issues with someone who has an idea of what you are going through.



This final point is something that is easier said than done, and when it comes to overcoming the challenges that come with losing your vision it would have to be the most important solution. Being patient with yourself and giving yourself the time to get used to being without your vision could be the answer, this is a big change for anyone so it is not something that is going to happen overnight, and getting used to using things like a cane and braille instead of being able to see is going to be hard but worth it as you get used to living your life this way.

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