New Study Suggests Spicy Food is Great for Weight Loss

Weight loss is massively important to many people, with over 70 million people suffering from obesity in America weight loss is now more important than ever. Being overweight causes many health-related issues that people are eager to avoid including being at higher risk of having a stroke, increased chances of developing type 2 diabetes, higher cholesterol levels, and coronary heart disease. As being overweight does have such severe health risks there are over 45 million people a year in America who take part in dieting as they want to considerably lower these risks. Americans on average spend $33 billion a year on dieting. There is so much conflicting information about dieting that it can be extremely hard for people to lose weight even when attempting a diet. Some of the most popular diets don’t always have good results such as using slimming world, the Atkins diet, the 500 2, etc. But for anyone who is hoping to lose weight, you’ll be glad to know that recent studies strongly suggest that spicy food is great for weight loss.


The Science

The recent study involved 35 participants who visited the center where the study was taking place, they visited 6 times over 6 weeks for a meal there. They were advised by the scientists whether to have a high-fat diet, high carbohydrate diet, or their normal diet in the week before visiting. They were instructed to avoid alcohol, intense exercise, and caffeine.

They also were instructed to fast for 12 hours before their meal at the center. The spicy food that was tested for this experiment was cayenne pepper. The participants would be given varying quantities of cayenne pepper depending on which diet they had followed the prior week. The cayenne pepper was consumed orally either cooked into their meal or taken as a capsule, this is so when no cayenne pepper was added a dummy capsule was used so as not to mess with the results. The results of the study that spicy food increases body temperature, which causes weight loss via sweat. It also suppresses appetite, following eating spicy food the participants did not crave salty, sweet, or fatty foods and felt fuller so would be less likely to overeat during that day. It also adds to an increase in energy levels which would allow anyone trying to lose weight to also exercise due to the increase in energy. The scientists interpreted these results to be that red pepper and spicy foods do have a positive impact on weight loss.


The Food

After seeing the results from the study we’re sure you’ll be rushing out to get your hands on some spicy foods so we have some recommendations. The best thing we recommend for you is to order sili labuyo taiwan, it’s hot without being too spicy to eat. If you want spicier then we recommend the Carolina reaper and if you want to lose weight with a bit less of a kick then the Trinidad perfume chili will be perfect for you.

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