The Personal Trainers Guide to Losing Weight Fast

Whether it’s to feel more fit and healthy, to fit into those clothes you used to love wearing, for a confidence boost, training for a sport, or even just because you feel like it, losing weight is never as simple or as easy as it sounds. A huge myth about losing weight it that exercising more, and at high intensity, is what will make your body shed all the weight. While maintaining a healthy exercise regime is key to a healthy lifestyle, the biggest thing you can do to really help lose those pounds quickly, is controlling and maintaining your diet.


Drinking more water

Now, this may sound very simple but I can assure no one drinks enough water as they should. However, regulating your body with enough water is paramount to being healthy and not struggling with any of the diets you’re trying. Nothing makes you feel worse on a diet than being dehydrated. Water is the first and any step to getting healthy and losing weight.


Intermittent fasting

Fasting is rarely what it sounds like, and no, we are not recommending you stop eating. There are many different ways to (safely) intermittently fast, but one of the most popular, and arguably easier, methods to try, is the 16/8 method.

Many studies have been completed around the body’s digestive system, and what it does when it’s not active. Some studies have shown having a large window of time where your body isn’t processing food is extremely good for you (to the point of extending your life span).

What the 16/8 fasting method consists of is having an eight-hour window where you eat, and then a sixteen-hour window where you ingest no food at all. Liquids are allowed and recommend. For example, instead of waking up and having breakfast, the first meal of the day you’d have would be at noon. Then from noon until eight in the evening, you’d be allowed to have your meals and eat. However, by eight you should have had your last meal. It sounds harsh, we know, but it really works.


No snacking

A simple trick that can really help with weight loss, is the No Snacking rule. The No Snacking rule is just that; you’re not allowed to eat any food apart from solid meals. This means between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the only thing you’re allowed to intake are liquids (and liquids like milk and high fiber drinks are not allowed). While this is a form of fasting, it’s not as intense as the type above and is an easier kind to manage and follow through. As a beginner of dieting, this may be the best for you and your body to get used to a new kind of diet, especially if it’s a fasting one.

This rule also means your meals have to be well balanced from the get-go – so no sugary cereals or simple toast in the morning, a full, carb, protein, fiber, and fat breakfast it must be!


Appetite blockers

For those who really struggle with curbing their appetite using only plans and diets, appetite blockers may be worth looking into. If you like the idea of appetite blockers remember to always get advice from your doctor before starting them and that they’re to accompany a healthy, balanced diet. But once you’re given the go-ahead, here’s our advice on appetite blockers!

Hunger is simply our brains sending instructions to our bodies to release hormones that produce the feeling of hunger. This is how our bodies remind us to eat. However, when we’re trying to lose weight, these feelings aren’t exactly helpful in resisting our desire to eat. Appetite blockers help keep these feelings at bay, and make sticking to diets and meal plans easier. A great appetite blocker to try is Leptitox, should you buy leptitox you’ll find your feelings of hunger curbed and your diet and meal plans easier to maintain.


Each of these ideas requires a healthy change in diet, which itself is a great way to lose weight. If you try any of these and succeed for even a little while, you’re on your way to losing that weight and feeling lighter.

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