Workout Health: The Importance of Rest Days

Health and fitness have become even more important in this past year due to the pandemic that has spread across the entire world, eating a balanced diet with all the different vitamins and minerals your body needs and exercising is the single best thing you can do to help your immune system which is super important at this time. It has also become more popular than ever as while the majority of the population have been put into various lockdowns they’ve had more free time as they no longer have to commute to work and have used this spare time to get into a good fitness regimen.

There have been many different fitness trends over this last year, from PE with Joe Wicks to HIIT step classes to yoga to virtual bike events, all of these different trends have attracted a large following of people who are interested and wanting to try these trends as a new way to get fit when gyms are closed. One thing that people might not think about that is one of the most important things about fitness is the importance of rest days.

Many people train 6/7 times a day and they think that the harder they push themselves and the more they work out then the quicker they’ll see results. However, this is not the case. Rest days are extremely important for fitness so if you’ve been doing your chest workout to build pecs that pop but aren’t seeing results this may be because you’re not giving your body the rest time it needs. If you don’t include rest days in your workout plan then keep reading because we’re going to explain how important they are.


The Science

Once you are aware of the science behind why rest days are so important for your body you’ll definitely be scheduling at least one rest day a week. If you’re training 7 days a week then you’re pushing your body into performing excessive amounts of exercise, this has many negative side effects, it can cause nausea, it can have a negative impact on your sports performance, it can cause mood swings and impact your sleep and your appetite. When to take a rest day and how long to rest for depends on a few different factors including but not limited to the intensity of your workout, your age, your current fitness, how much you work out a week, and how long you’ve been training for. Everyone’s body will require a different amount of rest time to recover but as a rule of thumb, you should wait at least 48 hours before you train a muscle group you’ve just trained again.

This is also important not just to avoid the negative side effects but recovery days are important in helping your muscles to grow and you see results. When you have a heavy workout session your muscle tissue is left with tiny tears in it, if you keep working for the same muscle group it will continue to rip but you see results when the muscle tissue is repaired so make sure you have a rest day to finally see some results.


Other Factors

Whilst rest days are the most important factor in helping your muscles to recover and come back bigger and stronger there are other important things that can enhance your results. You should make sure you drink enough water as dehydration can also negatively impact muscle growth. A healthy diet and supplementing any vitamins missing from your diet also help you to see your gains as well as ensuring you get a full night’s sleep.

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